Every Sunday at 10.30a.m.

20 December: Morning Worship led by Sheila Johnson

27 December: Holy Communion with Revd. Richman Ncube

If you wish to attend worship, booking is essential

Please email: enquiries@hunstantonmethodistchurch.com

by the end of the Thursday before you wish to attend.


The church premises have been carefully prepared to comply with the Covid 19 guidance.

This guidance includes:Social distancing arrangements

Numbers of people meeting together,

Duration of Worship time we are together (30-45 minutes),

Serving refreshments. There will be no after church coffee.

Mandatory requirement to wear a face covering.

When you attend

  • Maintain social distancing at all times:

hands, face space i.e. wearing a face covering and keeping 2m apart even in the car park.

  • Queue on the path at 2m intervals to enter the church building:

The Welcome Steward will call you forward to sanitize your hands before entering the Link, where he/she will either record your attendance on a pre-prepared register or you can scan the QR Code using the ‘Venue Check-in’ feature on the NHS app on your smartphone.

  • Wait to be shown to your allocated seat in the Worship area by the Seating Steward.

You are asked to then remain in your seat until the end of worship.

  • Remain in your seat at the end of worship

until the Seating Steward directs you towards the door leading to the Fire Exit. Wait there until the Exit Steward calls you forward to sanitize your hands before leaving the building.

  • DON’T FORGET: to wear your face covering and maintain 2m distance from others until you have either got back in your car or have left the car park on foot.

Things you need know:

Arrangements in worship:

  • Orders of Service will either be on a single use printed sheet on your seat when you arrive

 or where at all possible will be projected.

If you wish to follow readings, please bring your own bible.

  • A note about offerings: A receptacle will be placed at the entrance of the Worship area for you make your offering.

You are asked to consider the following ways of how you make your offering:

  • Placing a cheque in the offering receptacle when you attend worship e.g. you may then choose to make your offering monthly rather than weekly.
  • Setting up a standing order to Hunstanton Methodist Church
  • Or another digital option for money transfer

 We are trying to eliminate the use of cash or notes where at all possible to protect those doing the counting and banking of the offerings.

  • Music in worship:

 The organist may play,

or recorded music may be used

but there will be no singing in order to be Covid 19 compliant.