Word from the Minister

Just a thought –

I realise I put this thought in [the] magazine last year, but as politicians keep arguing and fighting among themselves whose promises are the true ones, we perhaps need reminding ourselves of the promises Jesus made and more importantly keeps.

Politicians! I have much respect for politicians and what they try and do for the Country and for us individually, but I do have problems with those who offer great promises knowing they cannot carry them out. We can get so easily sucked in because of their verbal skills and an ability to tell us things that we want to hear.

Two thousand years ago there was a man who was the greatest orator/politician of them all; the only difference between Him and those mentioned above is that not only would He keep all his promises, but paradoxically told people things they did not want to hear.  He spoke of feeding the hungry, caring for the poor, accepting the outcast and of course being the Son of God. 

And then he spoke of promises; promises to forgive sins, to send the Holy Spirit, promises to return to His Father in heaven where there would be places for us.  These are promises that were kept, are kept and will continue to be kept; no false hopes or dreams just truth.

Please don’t get me wrong, great politicians can move people and inspire them to do good things, but there is nothing anyone can say more wonderful and inspiring than the Sermon on the Mount (The Gospel of Matthew Chapter 5 – truly worth reading if you have not yet done so). 

There is no promise greater than one that assures me of life everlasting; and no challenge greater than taking up my cross and following Him.

There is no promise made by humankind that will make the journey we travel in life an easy one; but the promises made by our Lord and Saviour ensures it will be a worthwhile one as long as we believe and trust in Him. 

Steve (Rev Steve Oliver)