Word from the Minister

Just a thought…… September 2018

The other day I was walking the dogs through the woods, and as I walked, the sun shone through the trees making spotlights at my feet. The birds were singing, the squirrels were running up and down trees and bees, insects and butterflies danced around everywhere. What a wonderful thing creation is. It strikes you between the eyes before you really become aware of it and it takes your breath away.

The psalmists have a wonderful way with words when it comes to creation. Psalm 104 tells us that “You make springs gush forth in the valleys; they flow between the hills; and “By the streams the birds of the air have their habitation; they sing among the branches. From your lofty abode you water the mountains; the earth is satisfied with the fruit of you work”

This is poetry to the Lord our God, the One who brings all things into being, who creates all things and is all things. We can only stare and wonder at the mystery as to how things were made, and be joyful at its perfection.

Yet no matter how beautiful something is there are always those who wish to destroy. I was reading an article on the rain forests of the world the other night and it seems we never seem to learn from our mistakes. A thousand-year-old city, now totally desolate, had grown and grown out of all proportion; acre upon acre of forest was cut down to accommodate people’s hunger for prosperity and material wealth. Then nature took back its own. Because the trees had been felled the earth became dry and fires became uncontrollable; then the rains came and devastated the city through flood because there was nothing to soak it up. Eventually the city was destroyed, and the forest reclaimed its life once again. It is a frightening story, yet one we should all learn from.

This wonderful creation which God gave us to care for cannot continually be taken for granted; cannot be viewed totally as a commodity to buy and sell. It is our gift from God, and as such we should treasure it and use it for the good of everyone not just the few.

So next time you go out into the countryside, or into a park, or just listen at the window to the birds singing and the wind rustling trees, pray for creation; be joyful at its wonder, and be thankful to God for the beauty of nature.

Open our eyes to the countless blessings
and inexhaustible riches you have so freely given,
and help us to show our appreciation
by being faithful stewards of your creation. Amen (Nick Fawcett)

Rev Stephen Oliver, Minister of Hunstanton Methodist Church

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Gospel HOUR Februry 2018