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Rev Steve’s Easter Message

Jesus is risen from the dead, Hallelujah!

What a wonderful day; let’s rejoice that Jesus has risen from the dead; let’s rejoice that even with the cloud we are all under at present, we can have hope, hope in the God who knows the frailty of this life and the amazing message of the life that is available in Him.

The resurrection story tells us that good will always overcome evil; love will overcome hate and peace will overcome turmoil and despair. It’s a story for today!

It is hard for any of us to understand how Jesus rose from the dead.  We know what happened…the stone was rolled away, the burial clothes were left inside, and an angel was awaiting those who searched. We know that when the women ran to tell the disciples Peter had to be the first to put his head in to see if it was true and after that we know that Jesus appeared to Mary in the garden.  These facts we know, but what happened inside the tomb before the stone was rolled away, we will never know.

But the fact is we don’t need to know.  That knowledge is not about physical proof, but about faith; it is not about the mental capacity to think but about the capacity of the heart to believe and to love.  Our faith in Jesus is heightened and strengthened by the words He spoke to Thomas when he said “Happy are those who did not see and believed”. I believe in Him because of what He did for me at Easter; the cross was supposed to be the end, but it was only the beginning.

And it was only the beginning because resurrection also means revival, and it is to that word we can turn for our continuing hope. Revival of a world that will come out of the chaos it is in today; revival in a belief that God is in charge of His creation and not us; revival in a faith in Jesus who taught us how to live and to love and a revival in the Spirit who moves us to a new beginning and fills us with the living water of life in Christ.

So, let’s be thankful for this day, let’s celebrate this day that has made us who we are. It doesn’t mean we have forgotten what is happening in the world, we are giving it resurrection hope and assurance of its revival.

I wish you all a blessed Easter

Steve (Rev)

February 2020

As I write this I am very conscious that the season of Lent is getting ever closer and for many people Lent is seen as a time when people of faith give up some particular food or activity and dress themselves in sackcloth and ashes as they lead to the great celebration of Easter.  This is a great discipline, but nigh on impossible if my efforts have anything to go by.  But Lent must be seen to be more than this for people of faith and of none. It must involve reflection on life and the implications of having a new/revitalised understanding of God.  

At present the Hunstanton Growing Church Mission Team are reflecting on where our church should be heading both in its mission to our communities and our growth as the body of Christ on a journey of faith and discovery. There have been some interesting and searching suggestions which need much prayer and further discussion. There are other discussions on our ability to listen for the still small voice God which will lead us to a new understanding and a new vision of faith in our community.

Lent is about reflection and I believe this year is about all of us looking at ourselves and asking what does God want of us and where our gifts can be used best for His purposes. So if you are wondering what exactly faith is all about then please come along to the events we will be holding in the coming months as I am sure it will give you pause for thought on the new life it brings.

I suppose I am saying that:-





(Rev. Steve Oliver, Minister)