Word from the Minister

Just a thought…… February 2019

We live in an age of uncertainties, where people have ceased to be sure about anything. Life seems so full, yet deep down right where our lives really matter it is empty, and having no signpost to lead the way, people turn to wealth and possessions. There is, of course, no problem in wealth and possessions, but it needs to be tempered with a spiritual inner self which can help find peace and truth in an unsure world. And this is where I believe a revival in Jesus needs to begin now in 2019.

The band Third Day sing the following

Anybody here looking for revival
In our own hearts and across the land
Anybody looking for a revival
Lift up your voice and say Amen
Lift up your voice and say Amen

There is no point in fooling ourselves that a revival will just happen; as Third day continue in their song:

Ain’t gonna find it in a politician
Not from the government or any law
Can’t get it going by your own religion
Only by the Spirit and the Word of God
Only by the Spirit and the Word of God

Revival is a re-encountering with God through Jesus and if there was ever a time in people’s lives to re-encounter God it is now.

I have spoken before about expectation and as we now consider the amazing possibility of a revival we need to expect Jesus to turn up.

Psalm 85:6 cries out “Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?”
All this talk of revival may sound a little crazy, especially to those who have never met Jesus, but be prepared because when God moves He will enable all to meet with Jesus and then….. well that will be up to you!


Rev. Steve Oliver, Minister of Hunstanton Methodist Church

Gospel HOUR Februry 2018