Word from the Minister

JUNE 2018

What is your expectation of God? Have you any expectation?

When we go shopping, visiting, go on holidays, watch the television, we expect something from what we do and see and hear don’t we, so why in these days do expectations of God seem to get less and less?

Have we any expectation when it comes to being a Christian and being a part of God’s church?

Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to the disciples, he promised that when it came they would be witnesses to him, and things would change. Have we as Christians, as the church universal lost that wonder of expectation, lost that excitement at what the Holy Spirit can do? Perhaps under the pressure of an ever -strengthening secular society we can become jaded, disillusioned even. But if we can still believe that the Spirit is still able to surprise us that all can be different through the power of Jesus Christ then we as the church will live to become the witness that Jesus promised to his disciples over two thousand years ago.

In the gospel of John chapter 17 (1-26) Jesus prays for his disciples (it is wonderful reading). But would there be any point in Jesus praying if he did not expect the things he asked for to happen; of course not and it is the same for us. Each time we come to praying for others or even ourselves do we really believe something will happen or do we expect little from God at those moments. Whenever Jesus prayed; whenever anyone throughout the bible prayed they expected change, they expected God to make things happen; do we have that expectation?

Where would the lives of countless millions of people in the world be if they did not have an expectation of something better than they have now? Where will peace come unless there is an expectation that hearts and minds can be changed? How can we as Christians continue to believe in a risen Christ without the expectation of change throughout the world.?

We must continue to have an expectation, an expectation of growth in faith, an expectation of the Holy Spirit to encourage, to transform, to inspire; and an expectation of God to make things happen. Without expectation nothing will change, but with it………..

How can we ever desire God to answer our prayers when we don’t have any expectation on what we are praying for? We must not only pray, hope, have faith and believe but we must wait with expectation! (Missionaries of prayer)


Rev Stephen Oliver, Minister of Hunstanton Methodist Church



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