Word from the Minister

Just a thought……

Well the Easter eggs are in the shops, and as usual many of us bemoan the fact that the sale of chocolate eggs becomes far more important than the true story of Easter. (I do love Easter eggs though, just in case my family are reading this!)

This view in part may be true, but if we look at the tradition of Easter eggs we may be able to see another way of interpreting at what first seems for many a materialistic time of year.

Easter egg tradition is that the egg becomes a representative of the tomb from which Christ broke forth. Often coloured red, the Easter eggs were symbolic of Christ’s blood, which gave all believers a share in Jesus’ new life. The tradition of painting the Easter egg in bright colours may also have its origin in a legend that tells that Simon of Cyrene, who carried Christ’s cross, was an egg merchant. When he returned from Calvary to his basket of produce, which he had left by the roadside, he found that all the eggs miraculously coloured and adorned. (From “How Did It Begin?” by R. Brasch)

Other traditions have also grown out from early Christian origins. The Easter Lily for example is a symbol of purity because of its whiteness and delicacy of form. It also symbolizes innocence and the radiance of the Lord’s risen life. It is called the Easter lily because the flowers bloom in early spring, around Easter time.

Over the next few weeks we may be asked many questions about our faith, and probably be told that the buying and eating of eggs has become far more interesting (and important!) than the incredible story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. It is up to us to put a different emphasis on that perception, which in turn that may make people reconsider their perspectives on what Easter really means. Of course, we will not be able have all the answers, but what we can say with our very being is that “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.” And in the end what more does anyone need to know.

I hope and pray you all have a blessed Easter.

Rev Steve Oliver, Minister